Revolutionary Study Guide

This is a comprehensive master list full of radical literature, all of which are FREE. Enjoy and share! If you would like to share any resources for me to add please contact me on my insta (@bountayy)


Beginners Guides to Marxism

Workers World Books







Burkina Faso












South Africa

Black Radical Literature

Black Women Literature

Black British Literature

Other Resources


Anti-Capitalist/Marxist-Communist Feminism (The Basics)

Literature on Gender

16 replies on “Revolutionary Study Guide”

thank you so much for this. i’ve been following you on twitter for a few months now and i’ve learned more than i’ve ever had in my 10+ years in school. This was a great masterpost.
An idea i have is to include films/docs that could possibly give more insight? I remember there was one Communist (Mao era) Chinese film you recommended on Twitter, that could possibly be included in the list. Never watched the Che films (the ones w benicio del toro) or the motorcycle diaries (or read the book), so not sure if those are good options or not, but just a suggestion.
anyway thanks for compiling this. i was a complete newbie to all of this, but because of all these resources im gradually learning and developing myself.

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Hey comrade! I really love this study guide! Definitely keep working on it, though I should point out that there’s a decent amount of broken links on here.

Here’s the ones I could pick up:

both Mark Tauger pdfs, The Battle for China’s Past, Was Mao Really A Monster, Gender and Colonialism, A Documentary History of Fidel Castro’s Revolution, Guerrilla Warfare, Western DPRK Propaganda (site taken over by Star Wars fans), The Mexican Commune, Cheran Michoacan, The Mirror of Dignity, Where Have All the Marxists Gone, War Against The Panthers, The Assassination of Fred Hampton, The PKK Website, Katanga, Open Veins of Latin America, Eurocentrism, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Liberalism a Counter History, Male Privilege Checklist, What is Classism, Bell Hooks Masterlist, The Angela Davis Reader (only an excerpt from the book), and the Trans Resource Masterlist.

Sorry if this is a bit overwhelming, but thank you for doing such a wonderful job curating this! ^3^

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thank you so much for this, i haven’t been able to educate myself on this topic in a cohesive and easy manner given my adhd and life situation. anyways, again, THANK YOU SO MUCH

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I wish you added more Haitian text and literature since us Haitians were the first ones to create a revolution overthrowing white slave owners and freeing themselves from slavery……. one of the biggest and successful Black revolutions to date. It’s a shame that with all this revolutionary text, theres none of that or even the combahee-river collective which is way more inclusive than the marxism texts………

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Hey! Thank you for bringing this to my attention, this is not an exhaustive list so as soon as I get time I am going to be revamping and putting this onto the list. Appreciate the feedback 🙂


Hi just double checked and there is The Black Jacobins by CLR James which has been on there for some time, also Combahee river collective statement is also on there 🙂


Thank you for do this, I have follow you in Twitter. Viva la Revolución. Health and Republic ✊❤️💛💜


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